By subscribing to the services of Bittr B.V. (‘Bittr’) you (‘the subscriber’) agree to the following terms and conditions:


  1. The subscriber hereby authorizes Bittr to convert any funds that the subscriber has transferred to Bittr’s bank account into Bitcoin (BTC) (‘the Agreement’). Bittr shall ensure that the equivalent of the transferred funds in BTC is deposited into the subscriber’s bitcoinadress (the subscriber’s wallet).
  2. The Agreement comes into force by transferring funds to Bittr’s bank account. The Agreement of assignment shall solely be accepted by Bittr.
  3. The Agreement shall be concluded when Bittr has deposited the BTC equivalent of the transferred funds into subscriber’s wallet.


  5. Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Bittr is obliged to convert the transferred funds of the subscriber into its BTC equivalent. The subscriber accepts the BTC rate of exchange at the moment of conversion.
  6. For the conversion, Bittr uses a cryptotrader appointed by Bittr.
  7. The cryptotrader appointed by Bittr shall ensure that the conversion of the transferred funds in BTC and the deposit into the subscriber’s wallet shall take place as soon as possible.
  8. The cryptotrader appointed by Bittr shall make discretionary use of the current cryptocurrency markets where BTC is traded.
  9. The cryptotrader appointed by Bittr shall deposit the funds converted into BTC into the subscriber’s wallet. For that, a commission shall be withheld as well as the (attributable) transaction costs of the purchase of the BTC.
  10. The commission shall be 1,5% and shall be withheld in BTC from the BTC that can be purchased with the transferred funds. The subscriber shall receive 98,5% of the BTC that can be purchased with his transferred funds in his wallet.
  11. The Agreement cannot be terminated by the subscriber. Any and all grounds for termination of the Agreement pursuant to Section 2B, Title 5, Book 6 of the Dutch Civil Code do not apply.


  13. By using Bittr’s services the subscriber acknowledges that the value of BTC can fluctuate (greatly) and that there are no guarantees whatsoever that the value of the subscriber’s BTC-wallet shall increase relative to other currencies.
  14. Bittr shall not accept any liability for any fluctuations in the value of the subscriber’s BTC-wallet.


  16. Bittr shall not accept any liability for financial loss regarding the subscriber’s wallet. The subscriber is ultimately responsible for the access to and management of his own wallet. The subscriber is always responsible for the safety of his own wallet.


  18. Bittr shall comply to the applicable financial laws and regulations (‘WWFT’) and may therefore request the subscriber to send identification and information. In the instance a subscriber refuses to send the required information, Bittr shall have the right to suspend all services.


  20. Bittr shall not carry out any services, when the subscriber has not transferred funds to Bittr’s bank account.
  21. Bittr shall not deposit any transferred funds in BTC when the Bitcoin mining fees are >10% of the transferred funds. In this instance Bittr shall wait until the subscriber has transferred additional funds or the transactions costs have decreased to <10%.
  22. Bittr shall always reserve the right to suspend and/or conclude its services in the instance of any suspicion of fraud and/or abuse.


  24. By giving his consent to these terms and conditions, the subscriber declares to understand Bittr’s services.
  25. The subscriber may file a complaint via Bittr will then investigate the complaint. The subscriber will be informed of the outcome of their complaint.
  26. In the instance one of the provisions or a part of a provision of these terms and conditions shall be declared void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain valid.
  27. Bittr shall always have the right to change these terms and conditions.
  28. Bittr supplies services to private individuals and shall therefore not provide an invoice as standard.
  29. Dutch law is applicable to this agreement.

BITTR B.V. is legally located in Oostburg and registred in the Trade Register with number 71353623.