Transfer money and receive bitcoin in your own wallet

Bittr offers the sweetest way to stack sats! All you need is a bitcoin wallet, a bittr deposit code and a SEPA transfer in CHF (coming soon) or EUR!

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I highly recommend bittr to anyone willing to discover bitcoin and buy their first fractions of bitcoin.
Giacomo Hämmerli
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Bittr makes buying bitcoin so much easier, I have been using their services for a few months now!
Olivia Schild
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I use bittr to buy bitcoin straight into my daughter's piggy bank. Super easy and reliable.
Giona Trauffer


1. Get a bitcoin wallet

Unlike the traditional financial system, you don't need a bank to have a bitcoin account. You can be your own bank and all you need is a wallet. If you don't have one yet, check our blog to get started.

How to get one?

2. Instruct your bank

Once you've verified your bank account with bittr, you can start buying bitcoin! You just need to set up a SEPA transaction to bittr and we'll take care of buying your bitcoin and depositing it into your wallet.

Which countries are supported?

3. Enjoy your bitcoin

Here's the best part! Simply check your bitcoin wallet every now and then and compare it to what you have invested.

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about bittr

We believe in a world of financial independence for everyone. Think ahead and start buying bitcoin today! Bitcoin is the first ever decentralized currency and truly revolutionary. Bittr gives you the opportunity to buy bitcoin in the easiest possible way. You'll only have to send us a SEPA payment and we'll happily put satoshis into your bitcoin piggy bank!

Ruben Waterman
Founder of bittr

Convenient payments

Easy to set-up

You can simply create a SEPA payment to us and we'll take care of the bitcoin purchase, as well as the payout to your bitcoin wallet.

This way, you are always in control of your own bitcoin!

You don't have to be a millionaire

Bitcoin is for everyone

Fortunately you don't have to buy an entire bitcoin at once. Each bitcoin can be divided into 100.000.000 satoshis.

You can buy as little as €10 and still stack sats!

Low fees


We highly value bitcoin's values of transparency and only charge you a 1.5% fee and the lowest possible bitcoin mining fee.

We don't hide our fees into the exchange rate but communicate them clearly to you!

What to do next?

So you're ready to get into the world of bitcoin or have had enough of going to an exchange, buy your bitcoin and withdraw it to your own bitcoin wallet? Great! We very much welcome you to try our service. Here's a quick summary of what you'll need to do:

Get a bitcoin wallet
Sign up with bittr
Set up a SEPA
payment with your bank
Enjoy your bitcoin

Frequently Asked Questions

With bittr, you can simply transfer euro (CHF coming soon), using a regular SEPA transfer, from within your own online banking environment. Bittr will deposit the equivalent in bitcoin into your wallet within 30 minutes after it is received in our bank account (initial deposits take 1-6 hours)! If you'd like to get started, just hoop through our quick on-boarding process.

We'd like to know whom to reach out to in case something goes wrong, therefore you'll need to confirm your email address so we can reach out to you if needed :) You'll also need to proof that you own the address you're providing, by signing a message with your wallet. Once that's done you'll get your unique banking instructions and you can buy bitcoin!

There are many reasons to buy bitcoin through bittr. Think ahead and buy bitcoin for your children or grandchildren. Be healthy; drink a beer less and invest this saved money into bitcoin instead. How about pocket money you could give to your kids in bitcoin? Or why not just buy bitcoin to get (your first) experience with the money of the future?

Satoshis, or 'sats' are the smallest units of a bitcoin. Of course, satoshis are named after the elusive creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. One whole bitcoin comprises one hundred million sats. Stacking sats is the action of buying additional bitcoin to add to your bitcoin stash. When bittr receives your EUR/CHF, bittr sends the satoshis (fractions of bitcoin) to your wallet. We never hold your bitcoin, which means there is no third-party risk. You hold your keys, you hold your bitcoin.

We do not charge any subscription fees! This way you are completely free to buy bitcoin whenever you want. We charge a small fee of 1.5% from your EUR/CHF deposit to run our services. Additionally, the lowest possible bitcoin mining fee is deducted from your deposit. By using the lowest possible mining fee we make every satoshi in your purchase count, this is why it may sometimes take longer for your transaction to confirm on the network. Do not use bittr if you are in a rush to get your bitcoin.