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How do I set up BlueWallet and buy bitcoin?
Ruben Waterman
Jun 2, 2022

One of the quickest ways to join the bitcoin community and be able to receive and send bitcoin is by setting up a hot wallet and using the services of bittr. This blog post will help you to achieve both!

Please note that once you own a considerable amount of bitcoin, we highly recommend switching to a cold or hardware wallet. If you don’t know how to set this up: don’t worry! Invest in your security with a Trezor or Bitbox hardware wallet. For the Trezor hardware wallet, we have a step-by-step guide available.

Because it will be an essential step towards your financial freedom, we highly recommend you do the setup in a quiet and private place. It should not take you longer than 12 minutes.

How do I set up BlueWallet on iOS/Android?

Ready to enter the road to financial sovereignty? The first step is downloading the BlueWallet app from your preferred application store (App Store / Google Play).

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will be shown the first screen of the BlueWallet. Since you don’t have a wallet, click on “Add a wallet” to start stacking your hard-earned sats.

Choose a name for your first wallet (or leave the default value), and select “Bitcoin” as the wallet type. Click “Create” to continue your exciting path further down the bitcoin rabbit hole.

The next step is crucial, so we advise you to take it seriously. It is vital to back up your wallet correctly. Write down the 12 words BlueWallet shows you on a piece of paper and select “OK, I wrote it down”. Do not keep a digital copy of these 12 words on your computer. Anyone with access to these 12 words can access your bitcoin!

Congratulations! You just set up your first bitcoin wallet and are ready to send and receive bitcoin!

How do I buy bitcoin, using BlueWallet?

If you want to buy bitcoin, the sweetest way to do it is with bittr. Visit and follow the four simple steps.

After you click “Receive”, you will be shown the first address in your wallet, you may share this freely with the world as this is kind of like your bank account number. Paste the bitcoin address from BlueWallet on the bittr website and click “next”.

That’s it! As soon as the money arrives into our bank account, we will buy your bitcoin, send the bitcoin directly to your own (hardware) wallet and email you the transaction details (including the exchange rate at the time of conversion).

Do you have any questions? Reach out to us at

Ruben Waterman
Ruben, the founder of Bittr, has been a passionate bitcoin advocate since 2013. After obtaining his MSc in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia, he not only created the easiest way to save bitcoin but also became a proficient software developer, now maintaining the bittr project. With his expertise and dedication to the bitcoin industry, Ruben continues to drive Bittr's mission and vision forward.
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