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How to set up a Trezor hardware wallet?

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Even though setting up a GreenAddress wallet was quick and easy, it is not the safest way to store your bitcoin. We generally recommend that any amount of €1000 in bitcoin, should be stored in a hardware wallet such as the Trezor or Ledger Nano. While these hardware wallets are both considered to be of high quality and secure, we will go through the process of setting up a Trezor in this blog post but the Ledger Nano performs just as well! Always order your hardware wallet from the manufacturers website to make sure you receive the original super secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

Once you unpack the Trezor, connect to any available USB port on your computer and navigate to https://wallet.trezor.io or navigate to https://trezor.io/start/ if you would first like to learn more about your hardware wallet.

The Trezor website will walk you through setting up your wallet and similarly, it is very important to write down the backup phrase down on paper. The Trezor comes with a recovery seed phrase card, which you can use to write down the words that are shown one-by-one on the display of the Trezor.

Once you have gone through the process of setting up the Trezor, you will be taken to the home screen, from which you can see your balance. If you click on the receive button, you will be shown the first address within your wallet. You may copy this address and share it with Bittr so that we can deposit your bitcoin purchases into your wallet. Please note that there is almost an unlimited amount of addresses per account in your Trezor, so every time you have received something on an address, you will be shown a new address. However, all funds will still end up in the same wallet!

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