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Bittr and the Konsensus Network: Distributing Sats & Books
Getting Started
Feb 14, 2024

For us bitcoiners, continuous learning is essential to navigate the future. This February, bittr unveils an exciting addition to our services through a collaboration that enriches our offerings for you: Our partnership with the Konsensus Network, a beacon of knowledge in the bitcoin world. Together, we want to ensure you’re not only filling your piggy bank with sats but also building your knowledge about this revolutionary technology.

What is the Konsensus Network? “A citadel begins with a library”

Founded in 2019 by Niko Laamanen, the Konsensus Network started a mission with a noble cause: to make the notorious ‘Bitcoin Standard’ by Saifedean Ammous accessible to Finnish readers. This was just the beginning. A passionate team of freedom-loving volunteers rallied around the vision and expanded their reach and made essential bitcoin literature accessible to a global audience.

Today, with over 80 titles to their name, the Konsensus Network stands as a private, bitcoin-only entity that fills the gap between authors, translators, and readers like you, who seek to learn about the world of bitcoin and the principles of Austrian economics and sovereignty.

At its core, Konsensus Network is a collective of plebs, who passionately believe in a better world. The team has dedicated itself to breaking down complex ideas, aiming to enrich every individual with the understanding of sound money.

The Konsensus Network is a ‘Starfish Organization’. Instead of relying on a top-down hierarchy to get things done, they rely on a decentralised, leaderless approach: the passion and dedication of its members.

A Synergy for Success

Why is this partnership a perfect fit? Bittr, at its core, believes that you should have the possibility to save in hard money that doesn’t lose its value over time. More than that, a good currency increases in value when you hodl it. Saving should be simple. We are committed to providing a straightforward experience for European bitcoiners to stack sats.

But: You don’t become a bitcoiner overnight. We know that bitcoin is not an easy phenomenon. That makes education more important than ever.

The Konsensus Network, with its large selection of bitcoin books, aligns with our vision by educating and empowering bitcoiners. We want more than just facilitating bitcoin transactions; with Niko and his team, we want to build a well-informed ecosystem of bitcoin savers and believers.

Your Benefits

  • We will now feature the “Book of the Month” from Konsensus Network, carefully selected to enrich your understanding of Bitcoin. You will get that book with 10% off.
  • With each book shipment from the Konsensus Network in Europe, you’ll find an exclusive version of our piggy bank sticker, representing the bridge between understanding and buying bitcoin.
  • The discount code “bittr” lets you shop with a 10% discount at the Konsensus Network bookshop, making bitcoin literature more accessible.

Discover our first book of the month:

“21 Futures” isn’t merely an anthology; it’s an expedition into the vast expanse of what might be. Each story serves as a portal, offering you a glimpse into the heart of tomorrow’s infinite possibilities. This collection transcends traditional storytelling, inviting you to not only envision but feel the pulse of the future as it unfolds.

21 Futures: Tales from the Timechain

This partnership embodies more than a business agreement; it’s a commitment to the plebs. By merging bittr’s simplicity in bitcoin saving with Konsensus Network’s wealth of books, we’re paving the way for a future where everyone, everywhere, can use the full potential of bitcoin.

Hodlcat fell in the rabbit hole in 2019. After using and loving bittr for a long time, he decided to support Ruben on his mission to make everybody in Europe save in bitcoin. Guided by Ruben's vision, he isn't just the marketing cat, he’s advocating financial freedom for everyone.
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