The easiest way to stack sats and buy bitcoin to your own wallet in Europe is finally back in business!

Bittr is back!


Bittr is back!

Almost one year ago, bittr shut down its business in The Netherlands. This was due to increased regulatory pressure. Today, we are proud to announce the bittr pig has risen from the ashes! While some details have changed, we are once again the best way to stack sats and buy bitcoin in Europe!

While we initially decided to shut down the service completely, we were overwhelmed by the number of messages from the bitcoin community. Most of you were asking to revive the business as the demand for a solid way to stack sats without lots of overly complicated KYC hassle. One of these messages included support from people in the Swiss bitcoin community, outlying a plan on how bittr could operate from Switzerland. So, after some fruitful discussions, we decided it was time to bring back the bittr way of stacking sats for every European!

We like to keep it simple!

We are offering the most convenient way to exchange fiat currency to bitcoin via a simple (Instant) SEPA bank transfer. Bitcoin is send instantly to your own (non-custodial) wallet.

While the cost of doing business in Switzerland is significantly higher than in The Netherlands, we offer our services at the same rate you’ve come to expect from us: 1.5%. Furthermore, we DO NOT ask you to upload personal data such as a passport or proof of residency for amounts up to 1000 CHF / 900€ per 24 hours.

What’s changed?

Existing bittr user data is not transferred to our new bittr business in Switzerland. We don’t ask for phone numbers or other personal data. However we do require a validation for the address we send the bitcoin to. All you have to do is sign a message from your bitcoin wallet. We’ve prepared guides for the Ledger and Trezor wallet as well as BlueWallet).

You use bittr to convert up to 999 CHF (€900) per 24 hours or 99.999CHF (€90.000) per year. Later this year, we plan to add functionality to register with bittr (and provide identification documents) to increase these limits.

In line with Swiss values and appreciation for privacy, bittr has added support for PGP keys (click the padlock while signing up 🔐 ). Bittr customers can now receive bittr emails encrypted, so third parties cannot read them. If you currently don’t have PGP keys, we highly recommend checkout ProtonMail as PGP encryption is supported out-of-the-box!

What to expect?

This summer, we plan to launch our affiliate and partner system. Our partner system will enable wallet developers to integrate bittr into their wallets and earn a commission. In addition, our affiliate system will allow you to stack extra sats when you refer friends and family to bittr! If you are currently building or interested in partnering with bittr, please reach out to us via


Same, Same

🏦 SEPA transfer ➡️ Your bitcoin wallet 👛

💸 1,5% fee (+ mining fee)

🛂 Still no passport / proof-of-residency documents uploading


No more phone number 📱

Sign a message with your wallet ✍️

Limits: 999CHF(€900)/48 hours and/or 99.999CHF (€99.000)/year 🤑

Website and customer support only available in English 🇬🇧

PGP encrypted emails 🔐

We can’t wait to welcome you back on board! Will you be stacking sats with bittr again? Start Today

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