Earn extra satoshis for signing up your friends and family to bittr!

Bittr and Stekking partner up!


Bittr and Stekking announce a “Stacking Sats” partnership.

After a month of intensive collaboration between the Bittr and Stekking teams, we're excited to announce the first bittr affiliate partnership! Stekking users will now be able to earn a satsback when they start using bittr. A satsback will only be granted when the referred user is new to Bittr. However, Stekking users can share their personalized bittr link with as many friends and family as they like! For each new bittr user converting at least €250 in the first 90 days, the Stekking user earns free bitcoin!

What is Stekking?

Stekking helps you earn precious satoshis while shopping online. That's called satsback! Once you've signed up with Stekking, you can browse the Stekking merchant directory and follow the personalized links to those shops. Stekking earns a commission for bringing you to a merchant, with which Stekking gives you free bitcoin! When you don't return or cancel your order and the merchant has approved your satsback, you'll receive your earned satoshis in your Stekking account.

“The Bittr and Stekking development teams have worked closely together during the past few weeks to provide yet another way for Stekking users to stack sats”, said Léon de Bruin, Stekking's founder. “Being both involved with Stekking and Bittr made it a no-brainer to integrate the two services”, said Ruben Waterman, bittr's and Stekking's cofounder..

Bittr enables its customers to buy bitcoin directly into their own wallet, making it the first non-custodial bitcoin buying service in Europe. Rather than building an affiliate system from scratch, we've partnered with the best satsback platform in Europe to handle bittr's referral payments. This way, both companies can focus on what each does best!

How does it work?

Sign up with Stekking if you haven't already! Find your Public Stekking ID and share your personalized bittr link: https://getbittr.com/r/public_stekking_id (i.e. https://getbittr.com/r/DmO5gja41rWkVe8b) with friends and family!

Earning sats for referring friends and family to bittr is available today to all Stekking customers throughout the European Economic Area (EEA). Get your Stekking account now!

Press contact: press@getbittr.com